Boston’s Smartest Home Reno Tips – Tub Refinishing to Trim Painting | by Kendo Kim

Do your bathroom fixtures give you awful stress? Your precious vintage bathtub with that soft pink tint and teal-colored tile surround that once had a perfect shine is slowly deteriorating because of years and years of use. Chippings, stains, and annoying marks are forming everywhere on the surface that often give you nightmares. As much as you want to keep their pristine looks, it is quite a given that everything loses its original beauty and wears out over time. These things can be mentally dreading if you are somebody who seeks flawlessness in the aesthetics of your bathroom. So what choice do you have? Revive your bathtub through a simple home reno project that you can do on your own – bathtub refinishing or reglazing. This process will surely bring back or even improve the glossy finish of your tub. Worry no more as I can guide you through a step-by-step DIY that you can easily follow.


Now, if you are having second thoughts whether or not you can achieve impressive results by doing the job yourself, you can actually opt for pro assistance. There are quite a number of good service providers that do tub reglazing in Boston who deliver results that are truly worth every grand you are spending.


Hire a Pro

A well-trained and skilled tub and tile refinisher can do so much help in this project – from evaluation to execution, you will be guaranteed of a promising outcome. They can assess whether your tub can still be revived or is already a candidate for replacement. Good news, most of the time, professionals opt for a refinishing instead of a total remodeling for it is quicker to complete and more significantly, it is way more cheaper than a drastic fixture change.


As for the price of the tub refinishing service – it is still fully dependent on the size of the surface that needs to be repaired. This is why you have to be a little more careful in choosing who to hire; you need to take integrity and honesty into consideration when selecting the perfect contractor for your project. Commonly, a full tub and tile refinishing service can cost you around 800 to a thousand bucks. Again, the price is still reliant on the amount of surface to be serviced.

By now, you might be wondering what the inclusions of such services are, and why they are priced at the mentioned estimate. Allow me to enumerate a few.


  1. Finer Results

Professional tub and tile refinishers are hired for a reason. They are highly knowledgeable about the workaround and the many possible ways on how to obtain a specific result a client intends to get; not to mention the access that they have to the best quality materials, equipment, and tools that are mostly unavailable over-the-counter. One example is epoxy; if there is one thing that pros know so much about, it is the product that they use through years of practice. Most epoxies that are commercially available in stores and hardwares are effective, but do not last long. After a year, it may require resealing and retouching – something I am sure you do not want to happen. If you hire a pro, they can provide a high quality epoxy, for instance, that can last up to five good years. Saves a lot of hassle, right?


  1. More Color Options

Yes, you read it right. A professional bathtub refinisher can hand over a wide selection of colors that you can choose from, based on your preference. Common DIY refinishing kits that are available in stores are limited to basic and neutral tones such as white, for example. Most tub refinishers in Boston are equipped with color options that the customers can choose from and get creative with.

  1. Quicker and More Efficient

I do not intend to get personal and question anyone’s efficiency here, but what I simply want to get across is that hiring a professional tub and tile refinisher can save you luxury; and by “luxury” I specifically pertain to time. Unless you are an expert in reglazing per se, then you may go ahead and opt for home kits that actually take long to prepare and apply. Tub and tile refinishing when done by pro normally gets done within a span of two days, and you can already use the bathtub and get a soak just 24 hours after. Unlike DIY methods, completion and downtime eats around 3-4 days, depending how much surface was reglazed.


Do the Refinishing Yourself

If you are trying to cut your budget while having the courage to complete the project, then home kits and DIY refinishing process is the combo you should go for. Although I want you to understand that tub and tile refinishing jobs are not on the same level as a simple wall repainting. This particular project requires closer attention to detail, a hefty amount of possible downtime while the paint dries and cures, and sufficient ventilation. If you find this doable for you, then let me point out a few do’s and some don’ts when doing tub and tile refinishing by yourself.


The Do’s

  1. Get your hands on a tub and tile kit. Such kits are expected to have all the needed materials and items in order to successfully get the project done. This includes exposies, a detailed manual with the instructions that you need to follow, and a list of the required tools that you have to ready before engaging yourself in the procedure.
  2. Good sanding is key, remember that. Please take note that a properly sanded surface is your best bud when it comes to adhesion. Do not attempt to stint on this particular step. The better and more thorough your preparation is, the greater the chance of not having to repeat the procedure in the years to come.
  3. Ventilation is just as good as sanding. Do not forget to make sure that your workplace is well-ventilated. Open some windows to let natural air in. You do not want to sniff most of the unpleasant smell coming from the epoxies. Also, be reminded that you need to wear a respirator mask throughout the process. It will protect you from any harmful chemical that you might inhale during the process.
  4. Spray guns give just the best finishes; instead of using a typical brush, you might want to use a spray gun for a finer result. 


The Don’ts

  1. Water-based paint is not a favorite when it comes to tub and tile refinishing. Such kinds of paints usually fall off easily.
  2. As much as I want you to cut costs for this project, regular spray paints that are available in most stores are not a good option. 
  3. For quite a reasonable time, please refrain from taking a long, hot bath. You may refer to the instructions written on the epoxy; you will find the accurate downtime that you should follow and allow before it fully cures. If you do not want to damage the new finish, you might want to take a short break from your long soaks.


Painting The Walls

The walls of your bathroom will be experienced daily by you, your family and your guests. For this reason, you’ll want to give it your full attention. Don’t settle for the color that came with the house if it’s not what suits you. Take the time to either hire a professional painter or recolor your walls yourself. Either way, update your walls for a fresh look that reflects the tones you can enjoy.

Neutrals & Muted Tones


Neutral colors don’t always refer to standard white or ivory. These days, many homeowners cover their walls in muted sage greens, universal grays and even classic navy as well. The beauty of neutral tones is that just about any accessories and colored towels will coordinate with them, so you can really play with the details in your bathroom. Plus, neutral walls don’t marry you to any color scheme permanently so you change the palette of your bathroom every few years when you get bored. What’s more, if you’re planning on selling within 5 years, neutrals are a smart choice as it will be pleasing to a wider range of potential buyers.




If you want your bathroom to feel like a place of peace, serenity and renewal, pastel colors can help you create that ambiance. Whether it’s a soft yellow, light floral pink or sky blue, a pastel choice will feel soothing and relaxed. 


Bright & Bold


When you prefer to feel revived, awakened and energetic when you step into your bathroom, then bright and bold colors will be a better fit. From lively bright yellow to spunky fuscia, you can give you bath a lot of personality with edgier colors that reflect your style and bring a bold mood to your grooming place.


Painting The Trim

Now that you are able to transform your dated bathtub into a posh, modern-looking gem, you are probably wondering what to do with your trims. Although trims are tiny details, they make the subtlest, impactful changes in any areas of the house: bathroom, bedroom, living area, you name it. Most homeowners would think that slapping a bland white paint in the trims is the safest thing to do; however, a color that is creatively thought of can turn a classic into fantastic.


Let me walk you through some of the best color choices, and the proper way to deal with the trims.



It is not what you think; trims can be of the same paint color as the wall you are matching it with. It probably is the safest one among the options, but it is a classic way of doing the trims. With a monochromatic surface, you are given a smooth, seamless canvass for any decor that you plan to hang on it. Commonly, white is the best color option for this. It gives out a soothing feeling to anyone who looks at it.


A Shade Darker

In my years of doing home reno projects as a realtor, this one is probably the most suggested by clients and friends. Aside from it being a secure selection, it delivers a stylish, minimalist vibe all over the area. Say, the dominant wall paint is beige, I would suggest that you go tan or cocoa brown for the trims. It will turn out just as classy as you picture it. Another example would be a white wall accompanied by a light shade of grey in the trims.


The Disconnected Color

This one is the perfect option for all my creative, inventive pals out there. It may be the boldest of choice among the others, but this is a modern way of giving color to your trims. Examples of which are a purple wall complemented by yellow-painted trims, a soft pink wall with a cool mint green trims – a combination that gives a summer watermelon aura, among others. In all actuality, this particular color combo choice is the most personal one; not only that you are the one who courageously decides on it, this also shows your personality.


The Typical Black

Following the “same color trims”, black is considered a usual choice for wall trims, most especially to complement a white wall or any neutral-tinted canvass. Aside from its classic approach, black gives a little hint of seriousness throughout a place. This is common in most offices as it gives an aura of professionalism that keeps the employees the drive.



Yes, you read it right. Wood is probably the most sacred choice one can make for their trims. Although wood gives a contemporary look, it gives a feeling or aura of earthiness and country living – a feeling of relaxation, idleness, and inactiveness, just to name a few. This combo choice is common in the countryside where vacation houses are usually built.

Modern interior bathroom with two sinks. Large wall panels. 3d rendering.

An Easy Way to Paint Trims

Most homeowners think that doing the trims is a horribly difficult task to perfect. In most cases, it is, but if the steps are religiously followed with all the materials needed, paint trimming is an easy thing to do. I will guide you through a two-step procedure on how to properly paint the trims as perfect and flawless as possible.


Materials needed are paint sticks and trays, painter’s tape, sponge, cloth, putty knife, sandpaper, purdy paint brush, spackle, and an interior latex paint.

Step One: Prepare the Trim

Make use of the sponge to wash away any dirt and unwanted grimes on the surface. Be sure to use the rough face of the sponge to strongly wipe away and get rid of any possible dirt there is on the wall trim. Properly sand the trims, and use the sponge once again to wipe any excess dirt. Dust off the walls near the trims; check the wall for any possible dirt that remains before you paste the painter’s tape. Apply the tape on the surface, and press the ends of the painter’s tape using a putty knife to guarantee strong adhesion. 


Step Two: Paint the Trim

Generously apply the primer on the trim; let it sit for a few minutes. Allow it to completely dry. Once the primer dries, you may proceed and sand the surface of the trim to minimize paint drips. Using horizontal brush strokes, carefully apply the paint of your choice on the trim. Make sure to cover all the necessary areas, and only use short brush strokes to ensure smoothness of the paint. Just before the paint dries, remove the painter’s tape by carefully pulling it off the surface to avoid any possible damage on your finished product.


In just two fast and simple steps, you can make a big change in your walls. Ensure to follow the procedure well and good to get the result you envision.


Additionally, if you are preparing your property for a market sale, you might want to consider some beautification projects to increase its value. Allow me to give you some ideas I have that are easy to do.

Increase Your Home’s Value in 3 Easy Ways

Plant a Tree

Who does not want a fresh, relaxing surrounding? Planting a tree right outside your property within the scope of your land can do just as much as improving your home interiors. If you see yourself selling your home, plan for a simple landscaping that will mature beautifully in the years to come. It is good for the environment, and it adds value to possible buyers.


Improve the Ventilation

Invest in the comfort, and see where it takes your property. A well-ventilated house is something that customers are looking for. With this, a simple way to improve the air quality inside the house is to remove the carpets. Carpets commonly are a home to allergens and contaminants that we do not normally see. Start with your flooring, and replace the carpets with tiles. Tiles are easier to clean and maintain.


Update the Bathroom

Do not just focus on the fixtures; instead, pay attention in the entirety of your bathroom. A simple upgrade in the old mirror and vanity can do so much in increasing the value of your property. Decide what needs to be replaced, and meticulously scout for affordable replacements. Make sure to read reviews online, and check the quality before making the purchase.


Surely, you can do so much to your property – whether you want to improve it for your own use or you are preparing it for a sale. It is always a good idea to revisit dated areas of your home once in a while, and aid them as soon as you find them to lessen the repair expenses when the damage worsens.

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